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Why Choose a Pergo Laminate Floor for Your Home  

The Right Flooring for Your Lifestyle 

Choosing the right flooring for your home is important in many ways.  The flooring you choose will have a major impact on your home’s décor and will set the tone for each room in your home.  The look of a hardwood floor can instantly bring warmth and depth to any room and will allow you many decorating options in terms of color and style.  Choosing a Pergo Laminate is an excellent choice for anyone who appreciates the look of a hardwood floor without the tedious maintenance that a hardwood floor requires. 

Bruce Laminate Flooring

Balterio Laminate

Good Looks 

A Pergo Laminate floor is every bit as beautiful as a natural hardwood floor.  Some would even argue that the laminate floor is even more attractive because it is perfect and not marred by knots, scratches and many other flaws that are often present with a natural hardwood floor.  Another advantage is that this type of flooring is stain proof which also keeps it looking good for many years to come.  Pergo Laminate floors come in many different finishes so it is easy to find a look that compliments your home and decorating style. 

Columbia Laminate

Lamett Laminate

Ease of Care 

Another one of the many benefits of choosing a Pergo Laminate floor is how easy it is to care for.  No stripping, sanding or staining required – ever!  A dust mop may be used to keep the floor from collecting dust and spills may simply be cleaned up with a clean damp cloth.  An occasional mopping with a mild cleanser is all your Pergo Laminate floor really needs to keep looking just like new.  This floor is resistant to even the toughest stains like grape juice or red wine, so there is no need to stress when hosting social gatherings or just feeding the family. 

Formica Laminate

Mannington Laminate


Possibly the best advantage of owning a Pergo Laminate floor is how durable it is.  This flooring is resistant to stains, dings, and scratches.  It is meant to last a lifetime and comes with a 25 year limited warranty which should be a good indicator that this flooring is made to last. 

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